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Stop fantasizing about Carol Vorderman. No, this is the countdown to OGRE 1.2.0 RC1, and I managed to get everything that was essential done today - the critical patches, documentation and testing in Linux. It was a bit of a rush - I’d hoped to get my Linux build environment sorted out last weekend, but hardware problems saw to that. Luckily getting OGRE built on Ubuntu really wasn’t that hard at all so I managed to sort it out.

Good job I did, since there were indeed a couple of problems under Linux, the most awkward of which was that the Linux nVidia driver is more touchy about querying for the packed depth/stencil FBO format I mentioned in the last blog entry, going as far as throwing a hissy fit and segfaulting petulantly at the very notion that you might ask it whether it supports it on certain formats. A quick bit of additional filtering resolved that, and after a couple of other minor problems, the demos were running on Linux, much to my relief. I had some odd artefacts in the normal mapping materials but all the other shader driven effects are working fine (even the compositor, ocean and fresnel demos), so perhaps that’s a driver issue - I am only using the default nvidia driver version that comes with Ubuntu which probably isn’t the latest. No time for that now, that’s a small thing.

Temas is just sorting out the OSX build, then we should be done.