Pacific Storm previewed in PCGUK

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I just noticed over at the Pacific Storm website that PC Gamer UK has a preview on the game this month (Page 1 Page 2 - not really sure if they’re allowed to publish those shots of the mag, but hey, they’re in Russia so I guess they’re not likely to get any trouble). Pacific Storm has had a fair bit of coverage around and about (I spotted an E3 report about it last year), and it’s certainly an ambitious project, I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

It’s nice to have another OGRE-based game in PCG - I probably won’t buy this issue but I’ll certainly get the one where they review it, if just for posterity. Which reminds me, I haven’t got my copy of Ankh yet, but I notice from Amazon that the release date keeps getting pushed back. I don’t think it’s a development issue, Deck13 went Gold with the English version a good while ago I believe, so I presume it’s distribution problems that keep delaying it.