I have the power

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Following the damage done by a power fluctuation recently, I’ve invested in a proper UPS for the home network, and I’m very pleased with it. I purchased a little more than I strictly needed since estimating the power usage of the devices I want to connect to it wasn’t an exact science, and it never hurts to have a little breathing room. Besides, the RS 1000 range is slim and tall rather than short and fat, which is more convenient for me space-wise.

It’s now protecting my all-important Linux server and apcupsd is doing a good job of monitoring power outages. It’s kind of weird to turn off the power switch and watch your machine just calmly inform you over email that you’ve had a power outage, and how much time you have left on batteries. At the current load the battery will last about 65 minutes apparantly, which is not at all shabby. I’ll be connecting my main machine and probably the wireless / ADSL router to the battery backup ports too (the 2 surge-protection-only ports I’ll use for the printer and the regular ethernet switch) which I estimate will lower that to maybe 20 minutes when everything is on, which is more than I thought. I just need to buy a couple of C14 to BS1363 adapters - one downside of peripheral manufacturers building transformers into their plugs, rather than having a separate C13 connected transformer block.

My only suggested improvement to APC would be to have a red LED timer on the front when on battery power, counting down to final shutdown. Oh, and a female voice saying ‘You now have T minus ten minutes to reach minimum safe distance’. 😀