OGRE in Computer Arts, Surgery and Thai Food

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Someone posted in the OGRE Forums recently to inform us that the French version of Computer Arts featured OGRE on their cover DVD this month. If you squint a little, you can see our logo on the front of the DVD there. They went to town, distributing pretty much everything including the demos, the SDKs, the precompiled tools and exporters and also some of the addons we make available in binary form (like the Particle Editor, RenderMonkey exporter and CEGui Mesh Viewer). Nice to see OGRE getting more mainstream exposure, although those artists will need a little programmer help if they really want to take advantage of what’s on the disk.

I’ve been taking a bit more R&R than usual given that Sourceforge’s developer CVS is down, so I can’t commit anything anyway (can’t even CVS diff to keep backups of work-in-progress, it has to be manual - SVN’s local diff feature comes into it’s own here). I finally managed to get past that god-awful Awakening operation in Trauma Center and the game has returned to being fun again, instead of excruciatingly frustrating. It was a serious error of play testing for them to let that mission get so hard, producing a difficulty spike several orders of magnitude higher than all the missions around it - even the ones following it are really easy in comparison.

We went to a local Thai restaurant last night - one we’ve been meaning to try for ages, but due to our busy schedule and chronic lack of planning abilities we never seemed to be able to get a table. It’s a tiny place which is clearly one reason why it’s so hard to get in, but the other reason, which we discovered after last night, is that the food is absolutely excellent. I was impressed - I tend to be quite critical, especially since I like Thai food a great deal, and I hate it when it’s done poorly. There have been a few Thai restaurants over here over the last 10-15 years, and what’s often happened is that they start off really good, but go downhill after a while, probably due to the fact that their staff are on limited time housing licenses so it’s difficult to maintain continuity. That’s not to say the food was bad after that happened, just not excellent. Luckily this has yet to happen to this restaurant - this was some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had, which is saying something given the number of places we’ve tried - the only equals I can think of include a restaurant near Picadilly Circus, and the food we had when we were actually in Thailand. I don’t know how long it will last, but if you’re in Guernsey and you get the chance, give Bahn Thai a try - it’s definitely worth it. Probably the clincher for me was that they did my favorite Thai dish, Gai Pad Gaprao (chicken with garlic, chilli and Thai ‘holy’ basil) absolutely perfectly. The hot & sour soup (Dom Yum Goong) was awesome too. My lips might have been on fire, but I enjoyed every mouthful.