CVS is back, Amazon super-saver

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No more shirking, developer CVS is back. 😀I’ve committed my skeleton HDR compositor, still lots of blanks to fill in but the script is there, as are the main components of the shaders. More work on that tomorrow, I was investigating XSI issues today.

On another note, I got my C14/BS1363 adapters today, which was a surprise. Being a tight git, I’d picked the free super-saver delivery from Amazon since I wasn’t in any real rush, so it’s supposed to take 2-5 days more than regular delivery. Instead the stuff arrived on the second day after I ordered, as usual. This is the second time this has happened now, and I had thought the first time that it had been a fluke - perhaps not? When I’ve been in a hurry (like when I had to replace my routers after the power spike) I’ve paid the extra postage assuming it would actually help, but now I’m thinking I’ll take my chances with the free delivery in all cases in future.