RC2 in a few days

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OGRE 1.2.0RC2 will be a few more days, Jeff’s been working hard on the new material script compiler and it really should be a part of what should be the final RC. It uses the same script compiler framework as the compositor scripts use, giving you more flexibility than the existing line-based script parser. Today I fixed a couple of small bugs, but spent most of the time doing some RL (real life) things like pressure cleaning the patio. Good to have a little break anyway, even if it did involve getting rather wet and moving large amounts of miscellaneous organic matter from one place to another (at high speed). I never really thought of our patio as particularly big, but when you have to clean it in bands about 2-3 inches wide, it feels pretty enormous. I managed to get an hour of COD2 in this evening anyhow, I haven’t done that in a while.