Skeletal animation sample update

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (144 Words)

I’ve updated the skeletal animation sample to include a more interesting example from the Softimage|XSI samples. This model uses 2 bone weights per vertex rather than the single one on the robot which graced the demo before, and is much higher poly, plus the animations are motion captured (I think) so look rather swish. My only problem was making the animation loop, since it includes a translation element. I’ve pretty much got it, there’s a slight hiccup still but it’s probably as good as I’m going to get it right now.

This model also shows the difference hardware skinning makes. Without hardware skinning this scene (6 characters of about 5000 polys each) runs at about 300fps with shadows on my P4 3Ghz, 6800GS. With hardware skinning that’s up to over 500fps, a 66% speed improvement, and it gets better the more characters you add.