Bad news

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I was very sad to hear today that Jeff (nfz) has decided to stand down from the OGRE team for personal reasons; whilst it’s completely understandable, it’s a real blow since I’d really gotten used to having him around, he’s a reliable chap. At the moment that leaves only myself and Genva as truly active members of the OGRE team, the other team members are mostly dormant now. We’ll have to review the situation once 1.2 is out of RC status, there are several people in the community I feel we could approach for extra help if we needed more manpower. Also Damien (a local friend) has volunteered to do some OSX testing with his spanky new MacBook Pro, that will be a help since I know he’s a damn good coder as well as a full card-carrying geek like myself - and will be the first time anyone withing a few hundred miles of me has actually been involved in OGRE.

Ah, the ups and downs of running an open source project.