Manual labour

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This weekend we started renovating our lounge and dining room, which has proved to be rather messy (not surprisingly). I hate DIY and decorating personally, I’ve never quite understood the facination of changing the colour of walls / floors / ceilings, but it’s true that this did need doing, and my wife is keen to get it done - and given the amount of leeway she’s given me over all the time I spend on OGRE I figure I probably owe her (at least) one.

Since our house was built in the 1930’s it’s not cavity built, so we’re dry-lining to make it a bit more efficient in the winter as well as tidying it up, replacing all the carpet etc etc. So today was ripping off picture rails, coving and skirting boards, and stripping a ton of wallpaper - these rooms are quite large so I didn’t expect to get it all done in a day, but luckily my father in law and brother in law, who are big DIY enthusiasts, came around and basically ran the show whilst I tried to be semi-useful. Took about 6 hours all told even with all of us, and I’m rather knackered now.

This is likely to go on for a few weekends yet, so my OGRE time will understandably be a bit more limited than usual until it’s all done.