Ankh arrives

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (344 Words)

Thanks to Thorsten at Deck13, I now have a copy of the English version of Ankh. 😀I only had a short time to play it today but I’ve enjoyed it so far. The game is very solidly put together, it feels nicely polished. I chuckled at the reference to Guy Al Brush who went to sea and never returned, and I liked how you can question the mercenaries at the start about whether it’s actually possible to die in the game, therefore it being pointless that they threaten you. On the technical side it’s good to see the OGRE skeletal animation system put to such good use in particular, the animation is very high quality throughout. I’ll be interested to see if the new games they’re working on use the Dagon combined skeletal / facial animation opportunities too, because their animators seem pretty talented. The music is done very well too. Little visual touches like palm fronds waving, stall awnings billowing etc are nice too.

On the down side (it wouldn’t be fair to leave this out just because I’m biased here ;)) there’s a slightly annoying ‘click’ when each voice sample is played, and it also produces a hiccup in the frame rate, not sure if that’s just my setup or just an issue with the sound library. Also, whilst most of the humour is good, there are just a few places it feels a tad laboured, perhaps because the voice actor’s timing / delivery isn’t quite as good as it might be - if you’ve played the original German version and the English version, perhaps you can compare, as we all know, timing is everything in comedy and even a second or two or a slight inflection can make a difference. I’ve also been horribly spoilt by Psychonauts recently where the voice acting is absolutely stellar and comedy timing sublime, so it’s a little unfair.

Anyway, I’m overall highly impressed, and I’m proud to see OGRE being put to such good use. Now I just have to find more playing time 😀