Dr Livingstone, I presume

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April 29th. Today was an epic journey of adventure and discovery as, armed with a wide array of sharp implements both motorised and traditional, I endeavoured to beat back Mother Nature and find the source of the ‘bottom lawn’, rumoured to exist at the end of our garden. A trip to the local purveyor of adventuring supplies, resulted in my very badly treated, flagging workhorse (a 10-year old mower whose oil hadn’t been changed nearly as often as it should have been) being replaced with a brand new one, which was begging for some action. The jungle didn’t stand a chance. I claimed the newly discovered land for the Queen (Gawd bless yer ma’am), and returned to base camp in time for tea and crumpets. Hurrah!

Well, this day really wouldn’t be blogworthy unless I had some fun with it.

It’s also been a week since I last watched TV of any kind. Our lounge (and dining room) is still in a complete mess and I’m remembering just how much I hate the disruption of significant DIY. I don’t really miss the TV that much, since I don’t watch much anyway, but I do miss being able to relax on the sofa occasionally, or have a meal without being surrounded by plaster dust. The sooner this gets done, the better. I’ve been fixing a few OGRE bugs here and there but really I’m flagging a bit, I could do with an ‘ordinary’ weekend for once. At least Monday is a bank holiday (gotta love Spring in the UK for hols).