Pacific Storm playable demo

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Lesta Studios / Buka released a playable demo of Pacific Storm today; I only got a very quick chance to try it but it looks pretty impressive. I’m not much of a strategy / tactical gamer myself but I know people who are, and will revel in this kind of game - in fact it was quite funny to be told in the street a few days ago by a friend I hadn’t seen for a while that they had been looking forward to this, and only found out afterwards that it was powered by OGRE.

Anyway, the demo can be had from the official site here. It’ll no doubt be mirrored in quite a few places by tomorrow; just remember, if you want to see that dreamy water, select ‘Best Quality’ mode, which runs very smoothly on my 6800.

[Update]I recently discovered that the publisher has decided to use StarForce on this product, including the demo (presumably to avoid hacking the final). Much as it pains me, I cannot recommend that you download this demo now. Those who have installed it can use this tool to remove StarForce at the expense of being able to run the demo. Just ignore the propaganda on that page (like “It is obvious that all the rumors around StarForce hazards are spread by international piracy groups.” Hmm, like some very reputable game journalists such as the PC Gamer editor who found their machine unable to play audio CDs until StarForce was removed, right. And poor suckers like me who buy a game and then can’t run it because some anally retentive copy protection scheme deems my machine to be unworthy. Clearly we are nefarious international pirates, yeah. Just who are you trying to kid? I don’t even have time to play the games I buy, when would I have time to play pirated games too? Sorry, but no game is going to install a ring 0 driver which grants ring 0 privilieges to other software on MY machine, I don’t care what your reasons are). This is very disappointing. 🙁 Please God Buka, rethink this decision, Ubisoft did not toss StarForce for no reason you know. Why don’t you just slap a big sticker on the front of the product saying ‘Buying this game will make you infertile’, because using StarForce will have a similar effect. Gah.