OSX virgin

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You might be surprised to read that I’m blogging this from a PowerBook G4 (titanium, no less), courtesy of my generous friend and all round nice bloke Damien. He’s let me borrow it for a while since he now has a spiffy new MacBook Pro, so I can try to get the OSX builds for OGRE in order.

I have set myself the slightly daunting task of learning how to use XCode and getting at least the projects in order by the time we do the release tomorrow, although if I hit any major issues I will have to do a further update later on. This is perhaps quite likely to come to pass as this is my first serious outing with OSX and my first major problem was ‘Where the hell is the damn delete key?!?’. I still haven’t found it so am surviving on Backspace for now 😉

Gotta say though, everything (except for the delete key head-scratcher) is damn obvious to use and feels kinda sexy and pleasant. If I had to colour my first impressions, they would be mauve.

I’ll blog my progress later.