Google Summer of Code Avalanche

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Wow. Demonstrating typical student behaviour in the face of a deadline, in the last hours leading up to the Summer of Code student application deadline our application count almost doubled. In fact, Google had to extend the deadline to this morning (PST) because some students were having problems submitting, I guess because they were all trying to get in at once 😀

We’ve had over 50 applications now, and whilst a small handful are discardable, clearly having been given no thought at all, the vast majority seem to be of a decent quality. I have a lot of reading and pondering to do, it’s clear that there will probably be some otherwise worthy applications we’ll have to turn down due to lack of mentoring resources. The good news is that we’re had a few good applications for the ‘harder’ projects (as well as lots for the easier ones ;)), so this could turn out well.