E3 musings

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Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that last week in LA was E3, the glitz-infused, mad gaming extravaganza that it is. I’ve found some time to watch the edited highlights of the event, and I’ve come away feeling even more strongly that the Wii is going to be fantastic fun. I was amused by Sony’s introduction of a motion-sensing controller - nice idea of course, but at this stage in the game just smacks of ‘me too’. Sony can innovate certainly (Eye Toy) but most of the time they’re content to copy Nintendo it seems - but I doubt the controller revelation will make much of a difference to the kinds of games we’ll see on PS3, it might just save some people buying a flight stick / steering wheel if it works well enough.

I was also quite impressed by the shots of the new Gran Turismo, it really was just like watching racing on the telly. But then, whilst I love to watch it, I’m no so sure I’d actually have much desire to play it.

I’ve been semi-interested in Hellgate : London for a while; partly because I love dark fantasy set in London, I don’t think there’s any better place, the atmosphere is just excellent. Whether it’s Reign of Fire, V for Vendetta or 28 Days Later, there’s just something excellent about that setting for me. Maybe Americans feel the same way when they see something set in New York or Washington, I don’t know. I just think the blend of metropolis and plenty of history makes the whole ‘something nasty could be under the city’ idea work much better in that location than any other.

However, on watching the trailer I was deeply underwhelmed; no in-game footage and the Cg movie was about as cheesy as you could imagine. Utterly unremarkable demons copied from any number of other sources (yawn - so they have wings, claws and fiery eyes eh? Wow, never would have guessed), duff voice acting (oh, the witchy character has to have a Romanian / eastern European accent of course, cliché-fans), and one of the most predictable sequences ever (I think I could have given you a full screenplay after the first 15 seconds) just had me shaking my head the whole way through. Oh, it was a technically great piece of CG, just utterly and completely lacking any shred of imagination. Why spend that amount of time making a trailer if you can’t be bothered to think of even one new idea, or imbue even one character with an interesting personality? Everything about it just screamed ‘derivative, factory-line fantasy’. It was painful.

In contrast to all this glitz and excitement, my weekend has comprised of an exceedingly long book chapter review, painting & decorating, and mowing grass. Oh, the glamour. At least our rooms are finally coming together, just need to do some more wall repairs, more painting and get our unexpectedly-discovered hardwood floors sorted out (we pulled up the carpet to find pretty awesome oak parquet underneath - score! needs a bit of restoration though). Then, maybe we’ll have a lounge and dining room again…