Psychonauts completed

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I haven’t had much (read: any) time at all for games lately, but since this evening was already broken up since we went out for a meal with family for a birthday, I figured I may as well have a bash at this.

I’d heard the last level (Meat circus) was pretty difficult and frustrating, and at times it certainly did fray my nerves a little, but perhaps it was good to be forewarned because it wasn’t as bad as I expected. And there was plenty of the trademark humour to perk me up again between bouts so all in all it was fine. Not the best of the levels by any means though, shame it had to end on that compared to the genius of previous levels like Lungfishopolis, The Milkman Consipracy, Black Velvetopia and Waterloo World.

I was really interested to see in the credits Armin Shimerman (Quark from Deep Space 9) and Dwight Schultz (Murdoch from the A-Team) getting voice credits, and a bit of digging on IMDB revealed that the majority of the voice actors had quite a track record in stage and film, which explains the absolutely stellar quality of it. It really does put almost every other game I’ve ever played to shame on that front (as well as many others such as creativity, script and art design). It’s also interesting to see just how many people make a career out of game voice acting, quite a few had very long rap sheets on IMDB for that. I bet they were glad to be working on something that actually had a script though, rather than just a collection of random drop-in quotes for general gameplay.

So still, a highly recommended title that I’ll certainly be remembering for a very long time indeed. Well done to all at Double Fine, I will certainly be looking out for your next game.

Hell, even their website is damn funny. Quotes like this: “When Double Fine won the award for “Best Videogame Company in the Entire Goddamned World Ever,” I really could have puked out a million chunks of joy. But even if I had done that, and if those multicolored chunks had flown out of my mouth and bounced down upon the audience in slow motion, to the gentle sounds of an acoustic guitar and Spanish-style singing, even that wouldn’t have expressed all the love I felt at that moment.”. I rest my case.