I'm in the wrong business

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Damn, curtains are expensive. I mean, basically they’re just bits of cloth, right? Rectangular pieces of cloth in regular patterns at that, it’s not like they generally feature soaring Turner-esque qualities or anything. But I tell you, these things are gold dust.

I’ll admit, I’ve never actually had to buy curtains before. I’m not one for taking a great interest in the nuances of soft furnishings (and let’s face it, if I did, I think my sexuality may well be called into question) so I’ve generally just gone with whatever was in the house when I rented / bought it. But my wife has duly educated me that the old curtains just won’t do in the newly decorated rooms (nodding is generally considered compulsory at this point, chaps - hope you’re taking notes), so off we went clutching measurements to a resident drapery.

We have very large (wide) windows in our house - great for the purposes of letting in a multitude of friendly photons which have made that long hard trek across the solar system just to be with you. However, it’s clearly a liability when it comes to curtains, because you can’t buy them large enough off the shelf - you have to have them made. Clutch your wallets in fear now, for you will be amazed at how much this costs. I clearly should have been a draper, these guys are raking it in 😕

Given that we’re spending shedloads of cash on things like plasterers, paint, furnishings, and soon enough floor polishers and either carpet or rugs, I’m thinking of throwing caution to the wind and getting a new HD TV once all the chaos has died down. After all, if the curtains aren’t good enough for the new décor, the TV surely isn’t, right? 😀

Apologies for the lack of OGRE-related posts recently, I’m having trouble finding the time to do much more than tick over the forums, keep Google SoC organised, do the OGRE book tech review, and do the odd bugfix lately. Normal service will resume once the chaos has died down a bit.