The tipping point

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If you needed a definitive reason to buy a MacBook as your next laptop rather than a regular Windows machine, surely this has to be it. Using the internal motion sensor in the MacBook which protects the hard drive from sudden drops, you can turn your MacBook into a Jedi weapon. Oh yes - these MacBooks are not as clumsy or random as a blaster, you know.

Shamefully I’ve barely touched the borrowed Powerbook since the 1.2 release, I’ve been utterly snowed under. I really wanted to spend some quality time with it, but it’s been impossible. Summer of Code is now in full swing, I’m not sure whether that will mean I have more time (since the reviewing of all the applications and admin is out the way) or less (since I’m mentoring 2 students). My pure OGRE time has been spent mostly fixing bugs and trying out FreeImage for Eihort, although I haven’t got that far with the latter either. Time is just seriously scarce right now.