Get used to disappointment

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We had a bit of a blow today during our lounge & dining room renovations - now that almost all the painting is done we pulled up all of the carpet in both rooms. We had already pulled up a fair amount to look underneath and had been pleasantly surprised to find a really excellent hardwood floor underneath, which had a few small holes and patches which needed work, but nothing major.

However, on getting to the middle of the room we had a nasty surprise. Some complete moron had decided at some point to take what looks like a circular saw and cut a squareish section in the middle of each room in order to get underneath the house (there’s maybe a half meter void under the house). Not only that, they did such a pathetically gash job of it that it looks terrible, it’s not even straight. I had actually assumed that this flooring was laid on top of regular floorboards, as they tend to do it nowadays, but in fact the hardwood is the floorboards - very thin (maybe 2 inch wide) strips of overlapping toungue-and-groove hardwood that looks absolutely fantastic, had some complete git not been unable to see the worth of it and decided to go mental with a saw. I can only assume the boards have been there since the 30’s when the house was built, and at some point when floorboards weren’t fashionable someone thought their need to get under the house to fit central heating was more important than doing it neatly. Gah.

At least I assume it was to fit the central heating. The other possibilities are not so appealing, but less likely too. I’m willing to bet that someone hiding dead bodies wouldn’t have the time or inclination to cut two holes in two different rooms; I think you could fit quite a few in just one hole so I’m happy to rule that out. The other thing is that I hear some of the houses up here were commandeered by German officers during the occupation (Guernsey and the other Channel Islands were the only occupied British territory during WWII), but again I’m sure they had better places to hide their munitions. 😕

We’ve got someone coming down to look at it, but I have no idea whether it’s repairable at any price we’re willing to pay, we’ll have to see. A bit depressing since we thought we’d gotten lucky here, but it appears that fate has keener sense of humour than we realised.