On the novelty of sofas

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Well, we found out last night that the damage to our wooden floors is indeed repairable, and it shouldn’t be too much work (relatively); apparantly it’s not that unusual for people to discover that their great old floors have been butchered in such a manner, and that the most cost effective solution is to insert slivers of the matching wood (dark oak in our case) into the wounds, seal it all and sand everything together before re-laquering the floor. Apparantly once it’s all done it won’t be that noticeable, plus it’s in the middle of the room where we’ll have rugs anyway. Funnily enough it turned out the guy who came to look at them was in my year at school, I didn’t recognise his name at the time but it was obvious when I saw him. Small island 😀

It’s going to be 6 weeks or more before we can get this done anyway (wood is rather popular at the moment), so we decided to reassemble the rooms as they are for now (hence no OGRE work again, sorry). I mopped about 30 years of grime off the floors and it looks better already. The primary benefit of this is that we now have a usable sofa again, which is awesome - you really take these things for granted until you can’t use them for a while. The TV is back too so I can now watch BBC News with my morning tea and not feel so out of touch with the world. Hooray for Auntie.