It's a conspiracy

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I sat down determined to do some Eihort work tonight, but found I have 2 new chapters of the OGRE book to review so that went out the window. I got through one anyway, it was only 9 pages but I had to make a shedload of comments so it took most of the evening anyway. *Sigh*, there’s always tomorrow I suppose. I could really, really do with taking some time off work to get my head down on some new work instead of bouncing from one firefight to another (I still haven’t even done anything with Max for goodness sakes) but that’s not going to happen, too much is happening there too right now and all leave is basically on hold until it’s done. It’s approaching half way through the year and I still have 90% of my leave left to take - the latter half of the year will hopefully be more fun then 😉 I’ve actually had some mild insomnia a few times over the last couple of weeks, which is completely new to me; I think I have too many individual things on the go and my mind wants to try to use the slack time. Blunt instrument please?

Apologies if I miss your question on the forums, I’m doing my best to skim and pick up the most important stuff a few times each day but I don’t read everything any more, it’s just impossible. Thanks especially to the rest of the team and the MVPs for picking up the slack. pjcast and genva are doing great things in Eihort anyway - genva’s SSE optimisations are looking sweet and pjcast has cleaned up the platform managers and moved all the demos to OIS for input, so things are tidying up in that area.