Ebay buyers are insane

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (340 Words)

I don’t use Ebay much. I have an account, and have made only a single purchase (a brand-new copy of an old version of Photoshop from what I assume was a warehouse clearout - I don’t use it enough to justify the high price of the latest version but when I do need it, it’s very useful), but that’s it. I’ve never really been much of a second-hand seller or buyer, I just don’t have the time for it - you won’t generally find me down at car boot sales. Generally if I own something and don’t want it anymore (and it’s still in decent nick), I’ll give it to someone else who needs it, or perhaps to a charity shop. I only bother to sell on more expensive things and for that I can normally find a face-to-face buyer I know. I don’t really buy enough junk to need to get rid of it online all the time 😉

I have, however, bid on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic a couple of times because you can’t get it in the shops anymore and I never got around to playing it when it first came out. Both times I lost the auction because others were willing to bid more than me. In fact, in both cases these people were willing to pay more for a second-hand item than you could get it new from several online retailers. The first time (about 6 months ago), I just shrugged and put it down to a dumb buyer, but this time (about a week ago), the same thing happened again. The buyer paid 25% over the ‘new’ price for a used game.

So, these people are clearly crazy. Perhaps I should put my games back catalogue on Ebay for above the ‘new’ price and see how many suckers fall for it. 😕

As for me, I just ordered KOTOR new instead since I clearly can’t win a bid for it on Ebay when other users don’t even understand basic economics. Bonkers.