Gorgeous weekend

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Well, I guess summer is finally here. It’s been incredibly warm the last couple of days - we’ve been helping my wife’s parents get ready for their house move next week and doing a bit of necessary gardening - I’m not much of a gardener myself but it was quite pleasant out there in the sun for a while. I’m pretty knackered now though, and now I have to get back to the desk to get some work done (another chapter to review, some issues to look into). Hopefully the weather will hold for when I have a little more time to enjoy it.

I have managed to get a little coding in, and the FreeImage codec is pretty much done now (we’re switching to FreeImage from DevIL because of license compatibility issues with Eihort). I want to do more testing, and I have to write a separate DDS codec since FreeImage doesn’t support keeping DXT data compressed, which we need for GL. DevIL’s DDS codec always had a few problems anyway so hopefully we can make this better at the same time.