Siggraph 2006

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Well, in a surprising turn of events, it’s now very likely that I’ll be attending Siggraph this year! Oh yes - most of the papers we pore over to figure out how to squeeze more graphical honey out of OGRE have passed through this revered institution at some point, so to see it all first hand would be something of a good thing. That, of course, is typical British understatement for ‘absolutely bloody marvellous’. 😀

I’ve always wanted to go to Siggraph but getting over to the USA is a tad expensive, and hard to justify for what is still for me a bit of a hobby. I paid to go to GDCE a couple of years back and loved it, but still it was hard to justify the expense of even a stay in London for just me - after all the wife and I only have a finite amount of time / money for holidays. I was considering Eurographics later this summer (which I notice is in Vienna - hope you’re going Niko ;)) but now I’ve been offered the opportunity of a subsidised trip to ‘the Daddy’, I’m not going to turn it down.

The other advantage of this is that, provided all goes well and this does go ahead as planned, I can set up a Birds of a Feather OGRE session at Siggraph. Emma3D did this last year, but it would be great to set up an OGRE session. I’ve often said that I would much rather have a spin-off session at a ‘proper’ conference than a dedicated OGRE conference-come-meetup, which I’ve been asked to do a few times, because I think people should spend their travelling budgets getting to more diverse, high-level conferences rather than mostly social gatherings within one community. Looks like I’m going to get called on that 😀