DS Lite arrives in the UK

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Yesterday saw the release of the DS Lite in the UK (ok, and the US too ;)), and I dutifully purchased one on release day.

It’s not for me, though, it’s for my wife. 😀I’ve owned my DS for a year now and love it, but my time is so limited that over the last 12 months I reckon the split between me and my wife using the machine to be 20/80 at least. Therefore, whilst I wholely admire the new sleek machine and thus was initially tempted to have it myself, passing the original DS on to her, the thought of the new swanky version languishing in its case most of the time whilst Marie used the old version didn’t make a lot of sense, so I decided she should have the new one. I’m a little jealous of course, but it’s the smart decision. If I ever get more time again I can always buy myself one too and Ebay the old one.

Now we’re a 2 DS household we can play multiplayer games together which is fun. My brother in law and his girlfriend also have 2 in their house (again, he had one first then she wanted one too), as does one of my friends (and his wife). I think we can see how the DS is becoming so popular, I don’t think I’ve known a machine to have such a high wife/partner conversion rate since, well, ever. Nintendo’s stated objective is to widen the gamer market and they’re definitely doing that, more successfully than perhaps even they expected. The damn thing is just so much fun 😀

The buzz around the Wii is expanding all the time, again capturing the imagination of a broad stretch of people outside the traditional and over-catered for 18-30 male market that has seen this industry dominated (nay, suffocated) by me-too games (synopsis: “If it hasn’t got guns, crime, cars, orcs or bikinis, forget it”). Once again, thank God for Nintendo.