Business cards arrive, DXT, OSX, Collada, 3DS, chapter reviews, contracting

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My new Ogre business cards arrived today, and all glossy and strokable they are too. They’ll form a part of the OGRE publicity offensive (or is that offensive publicity?) at Siggraph at the end of next month. I figure if the distribution of propaganda worked for the Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq, then it can work for us too. It did work, right? 😉

My work on DXT decompression is done, and our use of DevIL has now ceased in Eihort. I’ve tested a lot of DDS scenarios, including things like cube and volume maps with embedded mipmaps, and all the DXT formats with hardware texture compression support turned on and off (the DXT decompression code kicks in when hardware reports it doesn’t support it), so I’m pretty confident all is well. I still need to test on big endian machines though, which means I want to spend some more time with OSX this week.

‘Fup’ from the forums has produced a different, more complete plugin for Collada support in Ogre; we had an add-on for it before by nfz but it was very much incomplete. I’ve fixed this one up a bit (mostly ANSI C++ compliance issues since he wrote it on an older, buggier version of VC) and put in in the addons area, but it still has a few release-mode bugs. Aparantly Sony (who originated and are promoting Collada) are interested in having an Ogre demo at their Siggraph BOF which could be interesting, but that stability needs to be sorted out first before we commit to doing it, and the Collada BOF is directly before ours on the Thursday so it’s tight. I’m really, really pushed for time so have fixed what I can and have bounced the rest to Fup for now to sort out. The guys from Sony wanted us on board with Collada back around 1.2 and whilst I’d love to have done it, I was deeply short of time then too, and committed to some XSI work at the time, so couldn’t dedicate the time. Even now I really, really have to get down to looking at 3DS pretty sharpish since I still haven’t looked at it at all and I’m feeling guilty about that, since they’ve given us a free copy and all. Hopefully I can fit it all in, but..

I also received 2 more Pro Ogre3D chapters to review today, which is throwing more spanners in my schedule. Also, I have some interesting contract work that came up this week which I earmarked for Thursday / Friday, gotta slot that in somewhere. I need a PA 😉 And my friends wonder why I much prefer to just hear the results of the World Cup matches rather than spending 90+ minutes actually watching them 😉

And now I just spent 15 minutes blogging all this too. Gods, 24 hours is too short for a day. 😕