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MS have been talking more about Orcas lately, the codename for what will become Visual Studio 2007. Of course they’re doing what MS does best of late, which is talking up the virtue of a product that hasn’t been released yet (they have quite a few of those). Personally I just wish they’d concentrate on releasing a bloody service pack for Visual Studio 2005 before they think about the next generation. Leaving a memory leak in a fundamental class like std:iostream for 8 months since final release is just not on, although I see they at least finally released a hotfix for the performance on the IntelliSense indexing on non-Hyperthreaded machines, which caused me major issues on my laptop. But I see plenty of people complaining about managed performance compared to VS2003 too (not that that’s an issue for me). I also occasionally get debugging issues where a window will become locked awaiting a system process and become unkillable (even from sysinternals tools), also locking the exe and dlls so I have to reboot to rebuild again. Very annoying.

My one fear is that they’ll pull a VS2002/2003 on us - ie fix all the bugs in Orcas and expect us to upgrade. So help me, if they leave us with another buggy version of Visual Studio and try to justify the upgrade cost, I’m walking. As much as I love Visual Studio, and that except for the bugs VS2005 is a good product, I’m not being ripped off like that twice. Here’s hoping a proper service pack makes it out soon.