Curtains! And BumpTop

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (190 Words)

We have curtains! Yes, this might not sound very exciting but it’s a milestone for our lounge & dining room project. We spent a fair amount of today mounting new curtain rails and putting them up, which took a lot longer than I thought. Now we’re only waiting for the carpenter to fit us into his schedule to sort out the floor. And boy, was it hot today.

I also just watched a demo of a really nice 3D GUI prototype. I’ve seen a few before and have never been particularly impressed, mainly because they’re only really 3D for the sake of being flash (OSX included here). BumpTop is an attempt to really recreate what your desktop feels like, and I love it. At first it looks as gimmicking as all the others but pretty quickly you realise they’ve really thought hard about it and come up with the first 3D desktop that has a practical point to it, rather than just being limited to ‘Hey, looks at this - [woooosh] - cool eh?’. I highly recommend watching the video, use the YouTube link if you want a streaming version.