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Well, yesterday I had an utterly unsporting stomach bug of some sort that took me out for 12 hours. I basically stayed at home all day and didn’t feel up to anything (no, not even my new glossy DS Lite) except a little reading and TV. I even found myself watching the Bloomberg channel at one point without realising, my eyes glazed over, absorbing financial information at some subconscious level in my sickly stupor.

There’s something hypnotic about those tickers, and people constantly chanting the same buzzwords, in a slightly different order and at varying levels of hysteria (“Well Chad, the markets are clearly still showing weakness over the dubious consumer confidence figures, and we’re missing the followthrough needed to promote an uptick before the bell, leading to a shortening of the futures going foreward”). I think it’s this generation’s version of playing music records backwards to see if there’s a satanic message in them. I think if you play a recording of the Bloomberg channel backwards really fast, the tickers will form messages like ‘Kill your family and use the insurance money to buy IPO shares’. These are the sorts of things that go through my head when I’m slightly delirious, but you know, maybe I’m just onto them. Hmm, that black 4×4 has been parked out in the street a while…

I started feeling a little better later in the evening and did a little work on making background threaded loading more practical to use. I hadn’t actually planned for that in Eihort but it took my fancy to have a go at it all of a sudden, so I went with it. Still plenty to do on it but progress is being made.