Knuckle down, sonny

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So, this is the last weekend before I go to Siggraph, and it’s a busy one. I have no fewer than 5 (count ‘em) chapters on my reviewing plate right now, all 2nd or 3rd drafts so not so time consuming as a fresh chapter but it’s a fair bit of time out of my schedule.

Tomorrow, I plan to do a new maintenance release for Dagon, 1.2.2. I also added support for binding non-standard vertex attributes in GL (ARB and GLSL) to Eihort yesterday, and beefed up support for the tangent and binormal semantics in our toolset. I had initially changed the default destination for tangents to the tangent binding (it’s flexible now, you can bind it anywhere you like), but I’m now second-guessing that, because older hardware (Geforce3/4 class) can’t handle that. I think I will revert the default back to texture coords and allow the tangent binding as an option - I’ll have to update the tools so you can choose.

I also have to find time to come up with a nice demo for the Collada presentation at Siggraph. I’ve discovered that Michael Wimmer from GameTools is on the list as demoing Ogre too, which I wasn’t aware of, I hope to hear from him next week to find out what he’s planning. So far I’ve just got fupsi & nfz’s demo working on the laptop, loading the example Collada files but it needs a bit more candy really - and I’m not sure how much I’ll have time to add. I also know that Eric Lengyel is going to be there with his C4 engine, which is a bit daunting since Eric is a bit of a hero of mine. Significant portions of Ogre were written whilst poring over Eric’s books and papers, so I owe him a considerable debt 😀

Anyway, all the time I write in this blog is time not spent working, so I’d better stop it 😀