Prepping for dust-off

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I’ve been running about like a blue-arsed fly (where does that expression come from?) sorting things out before I have to jump on a plane Saturday morning bound for Siggraph.

The Dagon maintenance release went fine, although of course a couple more (minor) bugs were spotted 24 hours afterwards, as usual. I did a little work on the short presentation I’ll make at the BOF and I’ve arranged to borrow a projector from some friends in Boston, because the prices the media equipment guys at Siggraph wanted to charge were daylight robbery. The brutal kind - you could literally buy the equipment for the money they were asking for a day’s rental (and I only need it for little over an hour, not that you can do that).

An artist call gLitterBug has just appeared with a really nice Ogre model he’s willing to donate to our demo-making cause, which is great news. He’s also willing to work with a coder to come up with a really nice looking demo, instead of the programmer art we generally use, which has to be a good thing. Hopefully that will take off.

And boy, it’s still way too hot. My normal study area with my main dev machine is far too hot to sit in wearing anything but speedos so I’ve been using the laptop downstairs on the dining room table a lot. A little slower, but at least I don’t melt.