Ogre BOF, heading home

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So, the Ogre BOF at Siggraph went pretty well - around 30 people turned up despite the fact that Siggraph had misprinted ‘OGRE’ as ‘ORGE’ in the little schedule booklet they give you (they got it right everywhere else, so I don’t know what that’s about). I did a quick talk about where OGRE is now (Dagon), and what’s upcoming in Eihort, along with letting people know about Greg’s upcoming book and showing off a few screenshots from recent projects in the showcase forum. I met a few people from the forums as well as quite a few new faces - such as a chap from World Wind with some valid questions about planet rendering and floating point precision, and someone from Motorola scouting out engines for their newer platforms. We overshot our hour’s allocation by more than 50% because of all the questions & discussions but luckily there wasn’t anyone clamouring for the room we’d been allocated.

I didn’t come home directly after the show finished since I had some time with some friends here in Boston, I’m catching a plane back home this evening (EST) so after a hop through Heathrow and Gatwick I should be back home (and jet-lagged again, no doubt) by lunchtime tomorrow.