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Floor WIPSomehow I don’t think the Karate Kid would have done quite so well at the end if he’d used his initiative and used a power sander instead of following the teachings of a wise old Okinawan gentleman. Still, it’s clearly a lot faster when it comes to getting the job done, as demonstrated by the latest pictures of our lounge. We’ve had people round repairing, filling and sanding, and the lounge floor is now starting to look pretty good. A completely different colour to what it was, I guess that’s because it’s actually natural oak colour now instead of 70-year old grime đŸ˜€There’s another 2 coats of laquer to go on this room, plus some beading around the skirting board, then we move all the furniture across and the whole process happens again for the dining room.

It’s not too bad expense wise, and was definitely worth getting someone in to do it rather than tackling it ourselves with a hired sander, especially given the damage that had to be repaired. They’ve done well with that, sorting out the big gashes and various other holes to the extent that they’re not very noticeable anymore. Overall, it’s looking like it will be a very pleasing result.