Voo2do, Tadalist, mxGraph and tasks

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I use a fair amount of scrap paper. It’s no secret that I like it to brainstorm on, write todo notes, message myself if I wake up in the middle of the night suddenly and inexplicably knowing what that bug I was bashing my head against into the early hours was caused by, making paper planes, that kind of thing. For most of these things, I don’t think I could use an electronic replacement. Particularly folding an LCD and making it fly down the hall isn’t going to be covered by the manufacturers warranty. My todo list however, could do with some better organisation so I went on a very quick web todo list search.

Voo2do is pretty good. Colours are a bit garish, and that Save button is incredibly poorly placed, but it’s a solid tool that I’m finding fits my needs, and saves me from scrabbling around under CD cases, headphones, Red Bull cans and the other assorted detritus on my desk.

I tried Tadalist but really found it far too simple - no prioritisation, no attachment of notes. It’s part of Basecamp which looks kind of interesting as a web-based project management tool, but the basic nature of the todo list component doesn’t exactly fill me with enthusiasm for it.

On the way I passed through mxGraph, which I thought was pretty cool. Something like that would make a good addition to an IRC client.

[edit]Jonnii recommended Remember The Milk, and I like it a lot, I’m probably going to move to that now. Thanks mate!

What sparked this off was wanting to record a lot of small detail things I knew I needed to check or resolve for the enhancements to the background loading code, and paper notes were starting to get awkward. I didn’t want to add them all to the roadmap because it would overburden it. So for now, I’m sorted. Some tests of background loading of textures has gone surprisingly well, with nary a hiccup in the framerate so far as it pulls them in behind the scenes. I found a few minor bugs which were common to Dagon too, so I’ve had to do the ‘branch merging merrygoround’ a few times as I’ve found them.

I’ll keep plugging at it - I can’t illustrate any of the work I’ve been doing lately in sexy screenshots because it’s all behind the scenes. But it’s all good stuff, honest. I’ll be merging the Summer of Code work soon so that’ll satisfy the eye candy junkies a little more. 😉