Edge nominates OGRE-based game 'Internet game of the month'

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The only paper games magazine I get anymore is Edge, mostly because it covers all formats and takes a very mature & sophisticated approach to games. This month I was reading through it and to my surprise I noticed that their ‘Internet Game of the Month’ was The Blob - a game based on OGRE.

I guess I shouldn’t have been that surprised - The Blob is a really fun game and a superb piece of work from Oogst and his compatriots (they’ve had a mention in major French gaming mag ‘Joystick’, got an award at GameTunnel and probably more), but I guess I still haven’t got over seeing stuff I’ve contributed to popping up unexpectedly in the ‘real’ world. It’s not the first time it’s happened, OGRE or products based on it have been featured in lots of magazines in quite a few countries (seeing it recommended in a box-out in Game Developer a few months back was a big deal for me, but there have been lots of others), but it never ceases to give me a buzz.

Well done chaps.