A break, of sorts

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I’m taking a break right now, which is why my quotient of inane ramblings has decreased at faster rate than the national average, both here and via all other electronic channels. We hadn’t arranged a ‘proper’ holiday this year, which was down to a number of uncertainty factors running the gamut of work, Ogre, and home improvements - we almost booked something a few times, but then something else came up - repairs needing doing, opportunity to go to Siggraph, work deadlines changing, etc etc. Nevertheless, we decided to take some time off and actually relax for a change rather than just get sucked into doing work anyway like we normally do.

So far, so good. Our wine collection has been emptied and replenished and is looking like it needs stocking again soon. We’ve eaten far too much. We’ve enjoyed being outside under that curious distant ball of burning gas we vaguely recollect from previous expeditions. We swam in the sea for the first time in an age (off one of the prettier islands that pops out of the blue around here. It was still pretty darn chilly (Gulf Stream, surely you can do better than that?) but invigorating once you get used to it ie your epidermis goes into suspended animation). Entire revolutions of the Earth have occurred without me checking email or the Ogre forums, or even having an active Internet connection. Clearly, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

We’re both feeling rather more mentally and physically refreshed than we have done in a while, so it’s a good thing. A few more days before reality has to come crashing back in.