Redecorations finally done, back to work

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Floor doneDomestic post alert! 😉 I know some people reading this wanted to see how the renovations to our lounge & dining room finally turned out, as (among other things) we got the 1930’s oak parquet floor repaired and refinished, so here are the final shots. Turned out pretty well in the end, and although it burned through a fair amount of cash it would have been a lot more had we not had help from family & friends, so thanks to them.

Never fear, our regular scheduled programming of technical posts will resume forthwith. I’m back at work tomorrow and I’ve been easing myself back into doing Ogre work too over the last couple of days, once again mostly fixing bugs so far although I’m also merging in the Summer of Code work. I’ve also scheduled a maintenance release (Ogre 1.2.3 - has a nice ring to it, although it does sound like a playschool version) for the coming Sunday.