"Pro OGRE 3D Programming" published next week

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I’ve already posted about this on the main OGRE website, but I’ll plug it here too - Greg’s book “Pro OGRE 3D Programming” is out on the 25th! I should be getting my grubby mitts on a copy relatively soon after the publication date I hope. Well done Greg for getting the book done, I’m sure it will help a lot of people, and having a real, honest-to-God, dead-tree-derivative product from a good publisher on the shelves with the OGRE name on it is certainly good for our publicity too.

And yeah, as you can tell from the cover (squint really hard, or click on the image for the larger version) I wrote the Foreword so take full responsibility for that first couple of pages. Don’t let that put you off the rest of the book though 😉

Utterly shameless plug links: Buy at Amazon.com, Buy at Amazon.co.uk, Buy eBook from Apress