OGRE website visitors milestone

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (244 Words)

I just noticed that last month the main OGRE website passed the 100,000 unique visitors mark. We’ve been hanging around the 90-95,000 mark for a while so it’s good to get into 7 figures finally. That’s unique IPs by the way, pageviews were well over 2 million and hits well over 10 million.

That’s a pretty significant milestone. Even taking into account people with dynamic IP addresses, given that most dynamic IPs don’t change that often and that they are somewhat balanced by people sharing IPs through corporate firewalls, that’s still approximately 100,000 people interested in OGRE. Not necessarily using it, but who knows - it would be nice to do a proper survey sometime to get an idea of just how many people are actually out there.

New projects are coming out of the woodwork all the time - I heard recently that Iron Realms are using OGRE now, a very well respected company who have been in the online game market for a long time (Blog Link), plus the shots of newcomer Heretic Kingdoms : Reluctant Hero (thumbnail above) and Project Wish are looking startlingly good. The Featured Projects area is positively cluttered with quality content now, it seems to be a snowball effect - the more great titles we get on there, the more new companies start seriously evaluating OGRE for their needs too it seems. I’ll keep on shoving that snowball whilst I have my strength, especially from November 😀