Forms are evil

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I just spent a whole evening filling in forms. Yes, an entire evening that could otherwise have been spent productively 🙁 It was a necessary evil though, there is a mini-mountain of things I have to get sorted out for my change in circumstances next month, not least of which is rearranging our mortgage. Anyone who has done this (and this is my third time around, scarily) knows that the papers in question are not so much forms as small novellas. I think they should have a government health warning on them; “Caution: Completing this form may sap your will to live”, or “Warning: May cause narcolepsy”.

On top of that I had some insurance matters to sort out, and professional insurance forms are arguably even worse than mortgage forms. Clearly they have to take account of factors as diverse as the most common colour of your underwear on a Friday (at which point I’m left wondering whether ‘going Commando’ would influence the premiums upwards or downwards). Of most concern premium-wise is the amount of business I do with the USA, which makes insurers nervous. I had to give them a breakdown, and it turns out that around 70% of my business comes from the USA (the rest came from the wider EU, and absolutely none of it from my country of residence :)). If I restricted my market to the UK or even the EU, I could get professional insurance pretty much off the hangar for a cheap price, but US work makes the whole process a lot more complex due to the (admittedly accurate) preception that “There be (legal) dragons in them waters, Cap’n”. Now, all the people I’ve dealt with there so far have been decent and reasonable, but unfortunately the country has got itself a bad reputation for sueing from-the-hip now that isn’t going to wash out any time soon. Hopefully I can get a remotely reasonable quote but I’m expecting to get stung to one degree or another, having done this a couple of years ago (and backed off because of the cost).

There’s still a bunch more things to sort out but hopefully I’ve dealt with everything urgent and can get some Ogre time in tonight at least.