A weird feeling

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Well, yesterday was my last day at work. Officially I’m still employed until the 31st, but I had some holiday I hadn’t taken so yesterday marked the occasion of my leaving. It was a whirlwind of mixed feelings - excitement at cutting loose to do something new, relief at being able to leave at a good time on a postive note (project wise), sadness at leaving behind people whom I’ve very much enjoyed working with, trepidation as it sinks in that I have no regular paycheck to rely on any more.

I had some great leaving presents, including unholy amounts of dark chocolate and coffee (everything the body needs), some suitably obscure T-shirts which not only suited my sense of humour, but shall also become my dresscode for most of the time now my suit & tie are mostly retired, and an Amazon voucher (which I’ve already spent on ShaderX 4). I endured the traditional send-off speech given by the deputy CEO, which was rather embarrassingly glorifying of my career there - a casual listener might have drawn the conclusion that I could walk on water and clear buildings with a single bound, whilst simultaneously ending global poverty as a side act. I was squirming somewhat, but it was a nice thought anyway. I’m sure my ego will come down to earth with a bump soon 😀

I’m taking a few days off - well, today is only semi-off since I have a few Ogre things to catch up with - to spend with Marie and to actually have a weekend off (shock!) before starting to work properly for TKS mid next week. Work is already lining up, with various degrees of certainty, so that’s encouraging. It will take a little while for me to adjust to my new existence I’m sure - not least of which is working in a room on my own, when I’ve worked for the last few years in a bustling open-plan office. I definitely need to plan some ‘getting out’ time into my schedule so I don’t become a crazy old hermit who thinks in C++ and talks only to cats. 😕 Luckily my newly freed up spare time, and the extra flexibility of my work schedule, should make room for that.

Quite what the future will bring, I don’t know. But I’m gonna find out - onward! 😀