The road to Eihort

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (338 Words)

Well, we’re still planning on getting Eihort out of the door in time for the end of the year, although judging by previous experience there may be some small amount of last-minute slippage 😉 The majority of the headline features are done, what remains is either already in progress, partly done or at least well understood, or could wait until the next stable if we got into a fix.

On my current immediate TODO is (this isn’t everything on the list, but it’s for the next few weeks):

  • More testing on the use of a resource background thread
  • Tweak the tangents generation process for greater quality based on ShaderX4 article
  • More testing on the custom sequence texture shadows
  • A new 3DS Max pipeline (luckily this is already well under way through a partnership with a company in Copenhagen)
  • Resolve issues with depth shadow map merge from SoC & play with some other projection bases like LiPSM if time allows.

There’s a few patches to process too. Whilst in November I’m doing some contract work and thus OGRE time commitment is probably ‘normal’ (ie out of my new mostly 9-5ish schedule I’ll probably be working 10-15 hours a week on OGRE, including answering the forums and generally doing community duties), I’ve earmarked December to be mostly about getting Eihort out the door. Fingers crossed 😀

Oh, and I got Neverwinter Nights 2 yesterday - 2 copies in fact, since Marie and I will be playing co-op as we did with the first one. Seems pretty good so far although it’s actually a little sluggish even though our machines are of the ‘recommended’ spec rather than the base. I’m not even sure why - there’s some normal mapping there certainly, but shadows are turned down to the lowest setting and the texture resolution is low, and it still struggles somewhat. I’ll give a better impression of the content in a few days, we only got a couple of hours in last night due to a long install & patch process.