Marmite a British icon? Vote now!

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MarmiteThe Greek classics referred to Ambrosia as the food of the Gods, and there is still much speculation as to what it actually was. Personally, I just think they’d discovered Marmite a little early - it’s just that through an incredible stroke of bad luck the recipe got lost when they hid this great secret from the incoming Persian empire.

Recently in the news here they’ve been talking about a website which is building up a list of British national icons, so I took a quick look today. The obvious subjects were there, the Routemaster double-decker bus, the phone box, Big Ben etc, but I was disappointed to note that Marmite wasn’t approved as an icon yet, although it has received quite a number of votes. If you’re a right-thinking person who acknowledges the sheer genius of taking beer-that-didn’t-make-it and turning it into the most tasty sandwich spread in existence, you can help - vote now! 😀