Treacle wading

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It’s been one of those weeks where every task seems to have taken longer than it should. When I look back at the week, I can see there has been some progress and I’ve certainly been chipping away at quite a lot of things, including general OGRE issues, a few Eihort tests & fixes, the contract project I’m on, and I even did a morning with my ex-employers since they needed a little urgent help. Still, several of the more complex things have really felt like wading through treacle and I can’t help but feel disappointed at the amount of tangible progress.

I mentioned the frustrations I’d had early in the week of getting diverted by other issues when trying to do some shadow testing, and whilst I can’t talk about specifics of the contract work I’ve had similar issues there, although more from a conceptual point of view. Basically I have a ton of research papers, all of which have a slightly different take on the subject in question (at various levels of applicability), many of which have some elements I don’t entirely understand, and I’m trying to pick the best bits out of each to achieve a pretty challenging result in a short amount of time. It’s tough because I don’t have the time to try out every technique, yet at a few short pages each it’s often hard to see how applicable each approach is - so I guess I’ve spent more time thinking and evaluating than implementing and that feels like less progress than it probably is - since jumping in with both feet on the first one I read would certainly lead to more wasted time. The tipping point is probably sometime next week and here’s hoping I’ll have picked the right path.

I’m still learning how to work my new routine too. And before you suggest it - no I don’t get up at 11am and work in pyjamas, thank you 😉 I’m at the desk by 9am like anyone else and tend to work until my wife comes home at 6-6:30, which works out about right for me. But partitioning up the time is something I’m still working on. OGRE needs looking after every day, mostly the forum and bug report investigation, there’s probably between 1 and 2 hours of that on most days - but I’m incredibly indebted to the other team members and moderators without whom the job would be far more onerous, impossible even. Add to that contract work, general business stuff and Eihort features and the day fills up pretty quickly. It’s tempting to do my forum work in the evenings but I promised the wife I would try to keep it all as part of the day job now, so I’m trying to do that (and mostly succeeding - releases excluded). Interestingly now that I’m not so tired all the time I’m finding the morning is my more productive time (the opposite of what I used to be like), and that I’m not drinking very much coffee anymore. I also get tired earlier in the evening (no more 2am coding sessions) and sleep better. Am I turning into a regular person perhaps? Dear God, what have I done? 😉