Kudos to another Guernseyman

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (300 Words)

I don’t particularly follow motor racing (or much sport at all in fact), but something pretty incredible happened last weekend - Andy Priaulx, who hails from and indeed still lives on the same tiny little island I do, won the World Touring Car Championship for the second time in a row. That’s an amazing achievement and although I’m not a sport fan, it’s fantastic to see someone from our neck of the woods doing so well on the world stage. I don’t think we could ask for better publicity.

And besides the considerable aspect of the winning itself, as a person he really does project a good image of the island and its people out there - we’re a mixed bunch like anywhere, but I think we generally like to think of ourselves as pretty honest, friendly, modest and down-to-earth people for the most part (ok, and maybe a little stubborn too), and despite all the pressures of competing at the level Andy does, he definitely projects that - he doesn’t seem to have lost control of his ego in the way many sportsmen do. He’s always very quick to credit the support of his family and other BMW team members rather than his own (undeniable) skill in the recipe for success. For that attitude as much as the winning, he deserves considerable respect.

Well done Andy. Thanks for demonstrating that with enough grit and determination, anything’s possible. And for showing the world that not everyone who lives here is a private banker 😉

Interestingly I saw in our local paper recently Andy promoting the new official WTCC game RACE - and it suddenly occurred to me that I actually worked with the company that produces it (SimBin) earlier in the year, although not directly connected with that particular game. Small world!