Better progress this week

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Well, I’m feeling quite a bit better about the progress I’m making this week on work projects. I had a breakthrough on Monday morning which helped to start the week off well, and since then I’ve been happy at having visible progress each day. I can’t show you what I’m working on unfortunately because it’s for another company - perhaps after they’ve gone public I’ll be allowed to link some screens. Last week was a bit depressing because it was mostly background work and there were several unresolved issues, but so far this week (touch wood), most things have gone well.

There’s always some apprehension when tackling ambitious new projects with very tight deadlines, but it does end up being worth it. The first pleasing visual results are always a watershed for me - you might make good progress on background algorithms but it’s funny how just getting it out as pretty visuals cheers you up far more, even if the visual aspect isn’t most of the work. It’s fun to be breaking new ground, especially since the challenge had largely waned in my previous job, but my goodness there’s potential for pant-filling when you’re not at all sure whether you can pull it off. Whilst I’m far from finished on this project, I feel much more confident at this stage than I did last week, since a number of major factors have come together nicely (cue chewing on cigar and grinning). 😀

This was one of those projects where, before I started, I wasn’t even sure it was possible to do what was being asked, never mind whether I personally could do it. I’d never seen it done before, at least not in real time, and not to the visual quality expected, and that lead to a fair amount of apprehension. Lots of research and pencil-chewing later and I just had a headful of ideas and still lots of concerns, and last week, some visually underwhelming results which caused me to second-guess myself a lot. Was I taking the right approach? Could I even get close to the target images in real time? Now that the visuals are starting to look promising, it’s like a snowball effect and I’m eager to get started each morning to keep improving it. I figured out my latest technique (which turned out quite well on implementation) by drawing on the inside of the shower cubicle in soap suds (not the most permanent of design tools, I’ll have you know).

Apologies for being so vague about this, but as much as I really can’t talk about the details, I wanted to post anyway to reflect my better humour this week, and to explain what I’m doing with all my time 😀I’m flat-out until the end of next week on this project due to a deadline so I’m still in maintenance mode for OGRE right now, but I’m still reserving time in December for catching up on my Eihort TODO.