I smell toasted neurons

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Wow, I’m feeling really mentally tired this evening. I’ve been troubleshooting a number of spatial transforms and lighting calculations the last few days and my head is still buzzing. I’m pretty spatially aware, but for some reason when I try to visualise some (particularly non-affine) combination transforms which include things like handedness switches and axis inversions I start to overheat. I spent almost 3 hours this morning trying to diagnose why a worldspace to volume image space to realigned volume image space transform blows up with certain combinations of settings, and although I eliminated quite a few things and clarified the precise situation in which it occurred, I don’t feel much closer to explaining it yet. I guess I need more maths practice 😕 In the end I just had to put it aside and do something else rather than stay stuck in that quagmire any longer. Here’s hoping my subconscious sorts it out 😀

Been very busy this week, I did manage to get the core changes of the LiSPSM patch in at the weekend (modified a little), but the LiSPSM support itself is still under review. There are some helper classes that I started altering to be a little more friendly / generic for when they become part of the core rather than just for a demo, and I ran out of time. Will get back to it again this weekend or early next week when I won’t be doing so much contract work.

I guess the metal tiredness is due to the fact that what I’ve been doing during the day is more challenging - a lot of the stuff I did in my day job before I could do mostly on autopilot. Ah well, my last job of the day is to catch up with the OGRE forums before I fall asleep 😉