More OGRE code stats from Ohloh

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nfz brought to our attention in the OGRE forums a really interesting analysis of the OGRE codebase, much more detailed than the one on Koders that I mentioned earlier in the week. Looks like they’ve been gathering stats on the project since 2002, which is really cool to look back on.

It’s interesting to see the timeline of developer involvement too. I’ve aparrently put 4.3 man years into the project so far 😀You know, I probably can’t argue with that - it might be a little high but if I average my hours over the 5-6 years, it’s probably close. It’s a little skewed by the fact that I do all the cross-branch merges, so everything the other developers commit to a stable maintenance branch, I commit again when merging into the unstable development branch. So, worst case we should subtract all the commits done by others from my total to rebalance it 😀Anyway, raw KLOC is never a particularly good estimate of effort as I’ve said before.

I really don’t know how it came to the conclusion that my primary language was HTML though. 😕 I commit changes to the manual and changelog obviously, but they’re tiny compared to the amount of C++ I write. Their own stats say the code is 89% C++, and that I’ve committed half a million lines of code - so how on earth could I have majored on HTML? 😀Oh well.