What has Pandora introduced you to?

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (217 Words)

As many people are already aware, the Pandora Internet Radio service rocks. For those who are not familiar with it, it’s the friendly end of some quite serious research called the Music Genome Project, allowing them to quite uncannily figure out what kind of music you might like, based on an initial starting point and some iterative guidance from you on which tracks you do and don’t like. It’s executed with some flair too, with a really nice interface, a streaming system that I’ve yet to get any lag on, and a much better selection than some others I’ve tried like Last.fm. Shame because the latter is UK based, whilst for Pandora you have to pretend you live in the US to listen to it.

Whilst I still like regular radio now and then, the increased randomness of it and the annoying / distracting DJ interludes (although Chris Moyles and Scott Mills can be amusing for a while) mean I prefer Pandora hands down, because it far more reliably introduces me to new music I like. Here’s a few of the artists I’d overlooked before Pandora brought them to my attention: Eskobar, Los Amigos Invisibles (Ease Your Mind is excellent), Remi Shand, Nine Black Alps. Perhaps you’ve had similar experiences. What’s this, an Internet phenomenon that actually does improve our real lives? Golly.