Wii Launched in Europe

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Yes, today saw the long-awaited launch of the Nintendo Wii in Europe - once again we’re last on the launch list, despite Europe having a population larger than Japan and now equal to the USA, we’re always the afterthought. I guess we don’t spend as much money as those super-consumer societies, and all those languages - tsk. 😀Still, things are better than in previous years when we’d have to wait months or even years - PS3 excepted of course. 😉

Demand has been huge. I pre-ordered well over a month ago but I still didn’t get one today, I’ll have to wait for future shipments since there were enough people to exhaust the supplies ahead of me in the preorder queue. A friend preordered earlier though and got one, so I’ll be able to take a look at it soon anyway. I’m not too bothered, I don’t mind waiting a few extra weeks, especially since games and other peripherals were in very short supply - no Monkey Ball, Wii Play or extra remotes were available today, even from HMV who are Nintendo’s launch partners in the UK. The lack of extra controllers puts a damper on Wii Sports, so for the moment Zelda is the only attractive fully playable option really (not that it’s a lightweight). I won’t mind waiting a while until I can get a more complete package.

It’s surprising because Wii launched with the most stock of any of the recent console lauches, but clearly it’s popular. Hopefully this is a good sign and will help it avoid recurring Nintendo-itis (the condition where third party developers desert you after 12 months). We’ll have to see.